Fortnite Reveals new Marshmello Cosmetics

In a surprise announcement following today's v19.20 update, Fortnite has revealed a new set of Marshmello-themed cosmetics along with two new Outfits.

The Welcome to the Melloverse Set

The new 'Welcome to the Melloverse' Set will be available in the Item Shop starting February 1, 2022 at 12AM (UTC). It includes the following cosmetics:

  • Marsha Outfit
  • Maximum Bounce Emote
  • Mella Back Bling
  • Mello Glo Dual Pickaxe
  • Shockwave Blades Back Bling
  • The Shockwave Blade Pickaxe
The Marsha Outfit, Mella Back Bling (left) and Mello Glo Pickaxe (right)
The MARSHINOBI Outfit, Shockwave Blades Back Bling (left) and Maximum Bounce Emote (right)

The new Maximum Bounce Emote features music from Marshmello and dance moves by TikTok user josh3thousand.

Vote for the next Marshmello Music Pack

Players can also vote for which Marshmello song they would like to see featured as a Music Pack in Fortnite. The voting page can be found here.

Fortnite has also confirmed that the classic Marshmello Set will be returning to the Item Shop tonight.

In other news, the Fortnite map has been updated in the v19.20 update. To view all new map changes, click here.

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