Fortnite v19.20 Map Changes - Covert Cavern

The latest Fortnite update has arrived with a number of new changes to the Island. You can read our patch notes for v19.20 here.

Every map change has been provided by FNAssist.

Covert Cavern

The new Covert Cavern POI can now be found on the Island, north of Camp Cuddle.

Entrance #1
Entrance #2
Entrance #3
Entrance #4

Chinese New Year Shop

A small shop in Condo Canyon has been renovated to celebrate Chinese New Year.

I.O. Outpost

A small I.O. Outpost can now be found near the south entrance of Covert Cavern.

I.O. Reboot Van

The Seven-themed Reboot Van located near Covert Cavern appears to have been taken over by the Imagined Order.

Coney Crossroads Roof Tile

A random roof tile has accidentally been placed in the middle of the road at Coney Crossroads.

That's every known map change from v19.20. Follow FNAssist here.

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