Fortnite Update v18.10: What's New?

Fortnite's first major update of Chapter 2, Season 8 is here with some big changes and additions to the game.

New Item: Chili Chug Splash

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite's v18.10 introduces a new kind of Chug Splash that grants players a speed boost temporarily once used, along with health and shields. The new Chili Chug Splash works in exactly the same way as the original Chug Splash item, with the only difference being the speed it provides players who use it.

With the release of the new Chili Chug Splash item, the original Chug Splashes have now been unvaulted and can be found in-game.

Hunter's Cloak Item

In an attempt to deal with Wolves attacking players around the Island, Fortnite has unvaulted the Hunter's Cloak Item which can be used to "tame" and stop the animals from attacking you. According to Fortnite's update blog, the cloak will not require as much Meat as it did previously. The Hunter's Cloak item is not available in Competitive playlists.

Golden Crows

Golden Crows are now flying around the Island, dropping Epic and Legendary weapons when eliminated.

Images via @JoJoJosiah_ttv

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