Fortnite x Coachella: New Bundle Leaked by Epic

Fortnite accidentally shared the wrong Item Shop tweet to Twitter last night, leaking the new Coachella Set in the process.

The tweet, which has since been deleted, had the caption "Be where the party's at. The first wave of the Coachella Set is here". This 'first wave' of the new Set is expected to be available in the Item Shop tonight, with a second wave presumed to be coming next week.

The new Set, which is currently encrypted, appears to contain seven new cosmetics:

  • Male Outfit
  • Female Outfit
  • Neon Shark Pickaxe
  • Neon Shark Back Bling
  • Flaming Guitar Pickaxe
  • Neon Cactus Back Bling
  • Neon Shark Animated Wrap

Additional styles for the two Outfits were also leaked through the PlayStation store:

An official announcement for the crossover is expected to be made later today. We'll keep you updated.

In other news, the IO Blimp from The Daily Bugle has crashed on the Island.

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