Fortnite x Cobra Kai: New Sprays Leaked

Leakers have discovered new Sprays in Fortnite's game files for an upcoming collaboration with comedy-drama series Cobra Kai.

Image via @GMatrixGames

The leaked Sprays are currently encrypted in the files, meaning Epic had the intention of keeping them hidden until their release. It's currently unknown if any additional cosmetics other than the Sprays will be released for the collaboration as a Set has not been found in the files. Fans of Cobra Kai will recognise the Sprays as they all use logos from the show itself.

Image via @FNLeaksAndInfo
Image via @FNLeaksAndInfo
Image via @FNLeaksAndInfo

The rest of December is set to be full of collaborations for Fortnite, with both The Matrix and Boba Fett coming to the game very soon. Season 4 of Cobra Kai is scheduled to be released on December 31st 2021, meaning it's possible we could see the Fortnite collaboration in the same week.

In other news, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has confirmed that Creative 2.0 is launching in 2022. Click here to read.

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