Fortnite x My Hero Academia: Deku & Todoroki Quests Available Now

With the return of My Hero Academia to both the Item Shop and in-game Island, Fortnite has introduced new Deku and Todoroki Quests to give players XP and Levels.

Deku Quests

  • Damage opponents using Deku's Smash (500)
  • Collect Deku's Smash from an eliminated opponent (1)
  • Assist ins earching All Might's Supply Drops (3)
  • Travel distance in the air (10,000)

Todoroki Quests

  • Hit headshots or eliminate opponents (25)
  • Deal damage to structures with fire (5,000)
  • Collect Todoroki's Ice Wall in different matches (3)

All My Hero Academia Quests will remain available until the v26.20 update is released on September 26th.

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