Fortnite x Naruto: Teasers spotted in Japan

Teasers for Fortnite's upcoming collaboration with Naruto have been spotted on public transport in Japan.

Image via @mamooing

So far, the teasers have be spotted all over Tokyo's rail network, with some seen in the form of a promotional video at the train stations.

Image via @ZweiTaudend

Although some are low-quality, the images of the teasers give us our first official look at how the Naruto characters will look in-game. The cosmetics are set to become available in the Item Shop tomorrow after the v18.40 update, along with a new Creative Hub and Kunai weapon. If Epic don't encrypt the cosmetics, the new Items will be showcased in HD shortly after the update by leakers and data miners.

HD look at the Naruto Outfit (via @radiant_pletos)

We'll keep you updated if any new promotional teasers for Fortnite x Naruto are spotted.

Header image: @knk_iao

In other news, Epic Games recently terminated the Fortnite China test. Click here to read.

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