Fortnite x Terminator: New Outfit, Back Bling, Glider Leaked

An anonymous source has shared images of a new Terminator Outfit, Back Bling and Glider.

Image credit: Barbieharp On Fortnite (Facebook)

The images were uploaded to Facebook by user Barbieharp On Fortnite, who claims "someone" sent them the leaks earlier this week. According to the user, the new Terminator cosmetics are currently encrypted in the files, meaning they can be released at any time without an update or official announcement.

Image credit: Barbieharp On Fortnite (Facebook)

From what's featured in the leaked images, we can see the new cosmetics are part of the existing 'Future War' set, which contains the T-800 and Sarah Connor Outfits. The new cosmetics include a 'Terminator' Outfit, 'Skynet Llama' Back Bling and 'HK-Aerial' Glider.

Image credit: Barbieharp On Fortnite (Facebook)

A release date for these new items is currently unknown, but encrypted cosmetics are typically released within the first week of an update being released.

We'll keep you updated.

Source: Facebook

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