Fortnite x The Matrix confirmed by v19.01 leaks

The upcoming collaboration between Fortnite and The Matrix, which was originally leaked by an inside source, has been confirmed by a number of new assets added in v19.01.

A new background for the Item Shop which features the matrix symbols was discovered in the latest update, confirming the collaboration rumours. From the original inside leak, we know what the Neo and Trinity Outfits will be coming to Fortnite this month, along with a matching set of accessories.

Image via @Luwwani

According to Fortnite leaker GMatrixGames, one of the upcoming presents that players will be able to open during Winterfest is Matrix-themed, meaning we could see the Matix cosmetics available in the Item Shop as early as next week.

In other news, Winterfest 2021 has been leaked. Click here to read.

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