Heavy Sniper Rifle, Grenades Nerfed in Hotfix

Following the v24.40 patch last week, Fortnite has deployed a hotfix to adjust the Heavy Sniper Rifle and Grenades.

Balance Changes

  • Heavy Sniper Rifle structure damage significantly decreased.
  • Grenade structure damage significantly decreased.
  • Grenade player damage decreased.

These changes have left the Heavy Sniper unable to destroy anything stronger than wood walls in one hit, and Grenades unable to eliminate a player with over 40 health. Data miner HYPEX shared a comparison between the previous and updated damage values:

Heavy Sniper Rifle

  • Structure damage (Legendary): 660 -> 165
  • Structure damage (Epic): 630 -> 158
  • Structure damage (Rare): 600 -> 150


  • Player damage: 100 -> 40
  • Structure damage: 375 -> 75

These are most likely the final weapon changes we'll see before the launch of Season 3 on June 10th. We'll keep you updated.

Source: Fortnite Status

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