Leak: DC, Chloe Kim and more Returning to Fortnite's Item Shop Soon

Epic Games has re-added multiple Item Shop sections to the Fortnite API, indicating they will be available in the near future. With this API update, 21 existing sections have been removed and will not return soon.

Re-added Item Shop Sections

The following Item Shop sections have been re-added to the API and will be available very soon:

  • DC
  • Star Wars
  • The Last Resort
  • J Balvin (new)
  • Patrick Mahomes
  • Chloe Kim
  • My Hero Academia
  • Summer Favourites
  • Get Far Out
  • Second Drop Set
  • Wrap Battle
Returning soon: The DC collection

Removed Item Shop Sections

The following Item Shop sections have been removed from the API and will not return anytime soon:

  • Futurama
  • Future War
  • Polo
  • Ariana Grande
  • Spacefarer Ariana Grande
  • The Kid LAROI
  • Coachella
  • Naomi Osaka
  • More Offers
  • MrSavage's Locker
  • Zagou's Locker
  • Sparkles_QT's Locker
  • NIKE Air Max
  • KAWS
  • Amano's Heart
  • MrBeast
  • Banner Gear
  • Banner Brigade
  • Time for Lunch
  • Woodland Wonders
  • Heroes of Tamriel
Gone for now: The Coachella set

We'll keep you updated if any additional sections are changed. There is no guarantee all added sections will be available.

In other news, 21 new cosmetics have been leaked following the recent v26.10 update. Click here to read more.

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