Leak: Fortnite x Stranger Things Coming Soon, Includes Eleven Outfit

The Fortnite OG Season is set to include a collaboration with Netflix's Stranger Things, according to data miners.

According to leaker iFireMonkey, the upcoming v27.00 update includes strings that mention cosmetics relating to characters from the show:

  • Outfit: Eleven
    "Telekinetic teen who escaped Dr. Brenner and Hawkins National Laboratory."
  • Back Bling: Hopper's Cabin Diorama
    "Time to do or diorama."
  • Back Bling: Waffle Extravaganza
    "Waffles on the go."
  • Pickaxe: Steve's Bat
    "A Harrington monster-fighting original."
  • Pickaxe: Eddie's Spear
    "Wielded by a true hero."
  • Emote: Telekinetic Power Breakfast
    "Power up with waffles."

This new information comes following the accidental early release of Fortnite OG on some Android devices, which resulted in leakers being able to access the game files. The leaked item names and descriptions confirm the arrival of Stranger Things' Eleven in Fortnite, along with iconic accessories like Steve's Bat and Eddie's Spear.

The original Stranger Things Outfits

The original Fortnite x Stranger Things cosmetics are expected to return following the release of the new set, but this is not confirmed. No details have been shared on a release date. We'll keep you updated.

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