Leak: New Star Wars Cosmetics Coming Soon

Fortnite has hotfixed a number of strings to the files, including one iconic Star Wars quote; heavily implying that new cosmetics based on the space opera are coming very soon.

The following strings have been added to the files by Epic:

  • "Tactical Tournament Trophy" [Street Fighter]
  • "Blanka-Chan reacts to eliminations" [Street Fighter]
  • "Multiple swing styles!" [Star Wars]

Although the "Multiple swing styles!" string is seemingly unrelated to Star Wars at first, data-miner Hypex suggests otherwise. The "Multiple swing styles!" string actually replaced text that was previously used for the 2019 Star Wars collaboration; "Fulfill Your Destiny!". Going back to the newly-added "Multiple swing styles!" string, it becomes clear that the text is likely related to a Star Wars Lightsaber Pickaxe as Epic has never released their own axe with "multiple swing styles" before. In addition to this theory, Epic also re-added effects for Lightsabers to the files in v20.10.

Image credit: Bnwkr

As is the case with all leaks, these details may change before the cosmetics are officially revealed. We'll keep you updated.

In other news, new Jazwares Fortnite figures have been leaked.

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