Leak: Scoped Assault Rifle and Heavy Assault Rifle Returning in Fortnite Chapter 2

A common complaint about Fortnite Chapter 2 is that the game does not offer enough variety of items due to the reset of the game's loot pool over a month ago. Since then, Chapter 2 has received one new item and really nothing else.

Leaker HYPEX has found two new upcoming weapons in the v11.20 files that seem to be Chapter 2-updated versions of the old Scoped Assault Rifle and Heavy Assault Rifle. The rarity of the Scoped AR will be uncommon and rare and the rarity of the Heavy AR will be epic and legendary - with stats being available in the image below.

There is no confirmed release window for these weapons, but they're expected to arrive in the coming weeks through content updates.

Source: HYPEX