Leak: Smart Pistol coming to Fortnite

Data miners have discovered stats for the new 'Smart Pistol' in the files following last week's Chapter 4 Season 2 update. According to FNAssist, the weapon will spawn in Chests, Drones, fishing spots and as floor loot. The Pistol's leaked stats are as follows:

  • 'Lock-On Time Edge' - 4.4
  • 'Lock-On Time Center' - 4
  • 'Lock-On Range' - 50m
  • 'Lock-On Delay After Firing' - 5

The stats for damage, fire rate, reload time, headshot multiplier and magazine size are currently unknown as the weapon is unfinished in the files. The Pistol was teased in the official launch trailer for Season 2, so it's definitely coming to Battle Royale at some point before June, most likely in the next update.

The Smart Pistol could be introduced with next week's v24.10 update. We'll keep you updated.

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