Leak: Submachine Gun to be Unvaulted Soon

Data miners have discovered new files following last week's v24.01 update that suggest the Submachine Gun will return to Battle Royale soon.

The weapon, which hasn't been included in the loot pool since Season 8 of Chapter 2, has been updated to replace the Epic and Legendary variants with the standard model. Stats remain the same as they did in Chapter 2, with the only change being visual replacements for the powerful versions.

The old Epic & Legendary variant of the Submachine Gun, which has been replaced

According to leaker Wenso, the Submachine Gun will be obtainable in-game by shooting down Loot Drones - which appear at Hot Spot locations every match. It's also expected to appear as floor and chest loot, but this is not confirmed. The Submachine Gun could join the Twin Mag SMG in-game as early as this week, in v24.10. As always, we'll keep you updated.

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