Leak suggests Tilted Towers could return to Fortnite soon

With the v23.20 update last week, data miners discovered an audio file that suggests Tilted Towers could appear on the Chapter 4 Island soon.

According to reliable Fortnite leaker FortTory, a new sound effect linked to an upcoming point of interest called 'Tilted Towers' has been added to the game files. The new sound is specifically codenamed for the Chapter 4 'Asteria' Island, so we can expect to see Tilted's return at some point before Chapter 5.

The popular location returned to Fortnite for the first time in 990 days last January, only to be destroyed in the Fracture event eleven months later. Currently, the only part of Tilted Towers to survive the destruction of the Chapter 3 Island is the clock tower, which can be found inside an ice cave.

The latest Oathbound Quests have introduced players to the construction of a 'Rift Gate' on the Island. This could lead to the return of some classic Fortnite POIs in just a few weeks when it's set to be activated for the first time.

Image: FN_Assist

We'll keep you updated.

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