Leaked Item Shop - May 29, 2023

The recent Item Shop leaks have revealed what will be sold in the rotation for May 29, 2023. Since this information came from a leak, there's a chance it could be inaccurate.

Here's a preview of the Item Shop for May 29, 2023:

  • NEW: Without You Emote
  • Revolt Outfit
  • Rebel Outfit
  • Crossroads Pickaxe
  • Can-Do-It Wrap
  • Robo Rebels Bundle
  • Cuddle Team Leader Outfit
  • Cuddle Team Leader Bundle
  • Cuddle Paw Pickaxe
  • Cuddle Cruiser Glider
  • Cuddle Camo Wrap
  • Cuddly Glow Wrap
  • Bear Force One Glider
  • Serenade Outfit
  • Seabound Slasher Pickaxe
  • Overflow Wrap
  • Serenade's Song Music Pack

Daily Items

  • Swamp Stalker Outfit
  • Princess Felicity Fish Outfit
  • Battle Axe Pickaxe
  • Wiggle Wild Music Pack
  • Rock Paper Scissors Emote
  • Face Palm Emote

Fortnite Football Club

  • FFC Sparkplug Outfit
  • FFC TheGrefg Outfit
  • FFC Neymar Jr Outfit
  • FFC LeBron James Outfit
  • FFC Chloe Kim Outfit
  • FFC Souvenir Backpack Back Bling

Across the Spider-Verse

  • Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Outfit
  • Spider-Man 2099 Outfit
  • 928 Axes Pickaxe
  • Spider-Ham's Mallet Pickaxe
  • Spider-Verse Bundle

Earn levels and unlock rewards!

  • Captain Hypatia's Level Up Quest Pack

Special Offers & Bundles

  • Cross Comms Pack
  • Ned the Eternal Pack
  • Anime Legends Pack
  • Koi Kingdom Pack
  • Golden Touch Quest Pack
  • Strange Transmissions Quest Pack
  • Coldest Circles Quest Pack

Source: NotJulesDev

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