Upcoming cosmetics found in Patch v6.31 game files

Patch v6.31 released today and a number of new cosmetics have been datamined from the game files. As usual none of these items are confirmed to be coming, but here's what we should expect to see over the next few weeks:

Update: Names, rarities and descriptions added via fnbr.co

Longshot (Rare) - "No target is out of range"
Insight (Rare) - "Target in sight"
Scope Satchel (Rare) - "Geared for long distance"
Sight Sling (Rare) - "Expertly sighted"
Lamp (Uncommon) - "The glow is alluring"
Mime Time (Rare) - "Please take me seriously"
Showstopper (Rare) - "Pull out all the stops"
Scorecard (Uncommon) - "Consider yourself judged"
Phone It in (Epic) - "Lay down a saxy groove"