Leaked: Upcoming cosmetics found in Patch v7.00 files

Patch v7.00 (with Season 7) launched today and dataminers have found a number of new cosmetics in the game files. While some of these may be released with the Battle Pass later today, others will be available later on in the item shop.

Here's what we should expect to see over the coming weeks:

Waypoint (Rare) - "Make your move."
Wingtip (Rare) - "Flying on the edge."
Cloudbreaker (Rare) - "Turbulent by nature."
Icicle (Rare) - "Cold to the touch."
Backstroke (Rare) - "Put your back into it."
Accolades (Rare) - "Soak it all in."
Ground Pound (Uncommon) - "Take it for a spin."