More Rare Cosmetics Return to Item Shop for St. Patrick's Day

Only one day after eight rare items returned, seventeen of Fortnite's rarest cosmetics have returned to the Item Shop after a total of 6,664 days, leaving players wondering what will return tomorrow.

The Zina Outfit, Sour Strikers Pickaxe, Burnout Outfit, Neon Venom Wrap and Green Clover cosmetics have all returned to the Item Shop after an average wait of 483 days:

  • Sour Strikers Pickaxe - Returned after 772 days
  • Zina Outfit - Returned after 613 days
  • Green Clover Set - Returned after 364 days
  • Neon Venom Wrap - Returned after 313 days
  • Burnout Outfit - Returned after 234 days
The Burnout Outfit
The Neon Venom Wrap

The return of the items follows that of the Synth Outfit, which came back to the Item Shop after a wait of over 600 days yesterday.

Following the return of the Sour Strikers Pickaxe, players are now expecting the rest of the Citron Set, including the Limelight Outfit, to return soon. The cosmetics haven't been available for over 770 days.

You can view the full Item Shop for today here.

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