Multiple Fortnite Locations Leaked with Two Future Maps

Only days after a major leak of over 50 new cosmetics, popular Fortnite leaker Hypex has revealed information about two new Fortnite maps, including names of new locations and landmarks.

The 'Demeter' Map

Hypex first shared a list of unreleased locations and landmarks for the 'Demeter' Map, claiming they could be for Chapter 3, however, he later said this is unlikely as the grid IDs are too small for Battle Royale.

Leaked Locations & Landmarks of the 'Demeter' Map:

  • Canoe Shop
  • Dragons Maw Cave
  • Farm - Forest Ruins
  • Haunted Hotel
  • Hiking Visitors Center
  • Hydro Power Station
  • Camp - Castle
  • Mansion
  • Prison

Since the grid ID sizes for these locations are too small for Battle Royale, it's possible they will be used in an upcoming Limited Time Mode instead.

Fortnite originally had a Prison Location during the early Seasons of Chapter 1

The Open-World Map

The second list of locations that were leaked is related to an Open-World or Survival-style Map with no known codename. According to Hypex, this map is "BIG" and has many other Landmarks and Locations that aren't named currently.

Teaser images for an unknown Gamemode were added to Fortnite's API earlier this month.

Leaked Locations & Landmarks of the Open-World Map:

  • Picnic Area
  • Car Crashes
  • Airport
  • Castle
  • High Lake Cabin, Campsite & Lodging
  • Lumberyard
  • Mountain Cave
  • Mines
  • Diner
  • Shacks
  • Tunnel
  • Abandoned Hotel
  • Survivor Shack
  • Resupply Camp
  • Resupply Camp Storage
  • Resupply Camp Guard Tower
  • Watch Towers
  • Food Trucks
  • Parking Lots
  • Visitors Huts
  • Military Bases
  • Gas Stations
  • Boat Dock

A screen texture from the files of the new 'Impostors' Gamemode appears to show a new style of map, which could possibly be an early look at concept art for 2022's Chapter 3.

Image via @iFireMonkey

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