New Dragon Ball Set available now

The new Dragon Ball set is now available in the Fortnite Item Shop for a limited time.

Available for a total of 4,400 V-Bucks through two Bundles, the new set contains the following cosmetics:

  • Piccolo Outfit
  • Son Gohan Outfit
  • Capsule No. 576 Glider
  • Red Ribbon Army Aircraft Glider
  • Piccolo's Handheld House Pickaxe
  • Gohan's Beast Axe Pickaxe

The rest of the Dragon Ball set isn't currently available, but will most likely return later this week. To collect the new set, head to the Item Shop tab in Fortnite and scroll to the 'Dragon Ball' section. The cosmetics are expected to remain available for a few weeks.

To view the full Item Shop for today, visit

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In other news, Epic Games has cancelled all Fortnite Late Game Cups for the remainder of Season 1. Click here to read more.

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