New Fortnite Football Club Set Revealed, Available December 2

Following a leak on Sunday which gave us an early look at some encrypted cosmetics, Epic Games has officially revealed the new 'Fortnite Football Club' Set.

Available in the Item Shop from December 2, 2022, the new Fortnite Football Club Set contains the following cosmetics:

  • FFC Sparkplug Outfit
  • FFC LeBron James Outfit
  • FFC Neymar Jr Outfit
  • FFC Chloe Kim Outfit
  • FFC TheGrefg Outfit
  • FFC Souvenir Back Bling

All Outfits include two alt Styles - Home Kit and Away Kit - in addition to the default variant. For both the default and alt Styles, players will be able to customise the accent colours of each Outfit. Red, Purple, Yellow, Black, Grey and Light Grey are all listed as accent colour options.

Unique to the FFC LeBron James and Chloe Kim Outfits, authentic Nike Mercurial cleats are also exclusively included with these characters. Like the Outfit styles, these boots can also be customised.

Although the collection of chosen icons for this new set may appear random, Epic says these are "the most celebrated Fortnite Icons". The inclusion of Fortnite's own Sparkplug was likely done to appeal to competitive players - a group who typically avoid using anything other than simple Outfits.

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