Patch Notes for Creative, UEFN v25.30

The v25.30 update delivers multiple device updates, coinciding with improvements to UEFN documentation to better teach you how to add auditory flair for immersing players in your gameplay. There’s also the new Sharp Tooth Shotgun weapon from Fortnite Battle Royale!

Voice Chat

With this update, UEFN and Creative islands now support players chatting in either the Game or Party voice channels.

Upgraded Devices Reminder

Epic would like to provide an additional reminder for an upcoming change to Creative islands using upgraded devices by default.
For some time now in Creative, you have been able to manually convert your islands to upgraded devices, by going to the Tools tab of My Island and clicking the Upgrade Devices button. Starting in a future update, Creative islands will use upgraded devices by default. These devices are the same ones used by UEFN and provide improvements over the original devices, including:

  • Direct numerical input
  • Color pickers
  • Additional features on some devices

Square Thumbnails

As Epic continues to improve the Discover page, their plans for Square Thumbnails have been announced. Later this year, Discover will be updated to feature square icons for all gamemodes, including Epic-made playlists.

New Items


Sharp Tooth Shotgun

  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

New Option: Fast Iteration

The new Fast Iteration option is now available on the Debug tab of My Island. When enabled, it dramatically speeds up the transition between Edit and Play modes by:

  • Setting Game Countdown to Instant.
  • Spawning the player into the game at the same place they were last standing in Edit mode.
  • Skipping the end game slo-mo phase.
  • Skipping the end game scoreboards and timers. Immediately switching from Edit mode from Play mode.
  • Spawning the player back into Edit mode at the same place they were last standing in Play mode.

Previously, you could approximate some of these changes through My Island - Settings. Fast Iteration extends this by allowing you to make changes with one button, without having to change your island settings to something not fit for publishing.

Devices Updates

Wildwasps Added to Wildlife Spawner

The Wildlife Spawner device now has Wildwasps as a Type value. These insects can chase and attack enemy players. They can also be collected as weapons to perform area-of-effect attacks.

Visual Style Option Added to Item Placer

A new Visual Style option has been added to the Item Placer device, allowing you to choose between Model, Icon, and Icon (Camera Facing).

  • Model is the default value and works the same way the device has always worked.
  • Icon shows the item as a 2D icon that can be scaled and rotated with the Phone tool. Players can move through the item when it's displayed this way and are still able to destroy the device to get the item.
  • Icon (Camera Facing) is similar to Icon, except the icon always rotates to face the player's camera.

Archiving Projects and Islands

You can now archive your projects and islands, which will help you to manage and organize your islands within the Creator Portal. All archived projects retain their published status and gameplay, and can still be found when searched for.

To archive a project, go to the Current Projects page and set your island to Archive, which moves it to the Archive Projects page. You can unarchive a project at any time.

Team Owners and Administrators are the only team members who have the ability to archive and unarchive islands. Archived projects disappear from the project selection panel in UEFN for team members.

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