Patch Notes for Creative, UEFN v26.30

The v26.30 update features the Tactical DMR, Thorne's Vampiric Blade and Wood Stake Shotgun, custom lobby backgrounds, upgraded devices and new Prefabs and Galleries. Additionally, the Save Point device is now available in UEFN, and there's a new UEFN project template!

New: Save Point Device and Persistence Now in UEFN

You can now use the Save Point device in UEFN! This means when players on your island save their progress at a save point and then leave the island, they can come back later and pick up where they left off. They will have the same inventory, class and team level, and health stats, without having to restart the game from the beginning.

While you can convert a Fortnite island that already has persistence, be aware that player data will not transfer from your Creative island to a UEFN project. If you revert your island back to its Creative state, your player data is retained.

Upgraded Devices

In this update, all islands made with Fortnite Creative will transition to upgraded devices automatically, and all new islands will use upgraded devices by default.

These devices are the ones used by UEFN, and provide improvements over the original devices.

  • Improvements include:
  • Direct numerical input
  • Color pickers
  • Additional features for some devices
  • Trap devices replaced with props that can be copied and pasted

In some cases, where features have been altered or added, device option values will change but the behavior of your device should remain the same.

For example, the original Damage Volume and Trick Tile devices tracked the unaffected team while the upgraded versions track the affected team. If your Damage Volume or Trick Tile device previously had a team selected, the new Invert Team Selection option will automatically be enabled during migration and you should see the same result.

Unified Memory Calculation

In this update, your island uses a new memory calculation method that affects the memory cost of individual Prefabs and devices. This new method more accurately reflects the memory cost of the first placement and additional copies of devices, Prefabs and props.

Your existing islands should remain within the memory budget after the update. Individual devices might have a higher or lower cost, depending on what options you choose. For example, a Character device will be cheaper if you pick Jonesy instead of Fennix.

This system also allows these devices to take advantage of instance cost savings when placing more than one of the same model, so your second Jonesy Character device will cost a lot less.

Devices affected by Dynamic Memory are:

  • Character device
  • Guard Spawner device
  • Wildlife Spawner device
  • Fang Spawner device

You might also notice a higher memory cost when you place the first instance of a device, but then a lower cost for additional instances of that device. Overall, you should see a decrease in most costs, particularly for Prefabs and Galleries.

IARC Ratings Coming in Fortnite

Fortnite will start featuring internationally-recognized age and content ratings for all first and third-party playable content on November 14. All published islands will be required to have an IARC-assigned rating. The International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) rating system gives parents and players access to trusted and familiar ratings that help them make informed decisions about what and how they play.

Starting October 16, when you are ready to publish your island, you will fill out the IARC content rating questionnaire before publishing and submitting it to Epic Games. You will receive an age-based IARC rating for your islandā€™s content along with region-specific ratings from IARC-participating rating authorities. These ratings will automatically be applied and prominently displayed prior to access.

The questionnaire will be available in the Creator Portal starting October 16.

Be sure to head to the portal and get assigned rating information for your islands. Unrated islands will be delisted on November 14. Make sure to complete the questionnaire ahead of that date!

New Weapons

  • Tactical DMR
  • Thorne's Vampiric Blade
  • Wood Stake Shotgun

New Consumables

  • Crash Pad Jr.
  • Business Turret
  • Witch Broom

New Prefabs

  • Eclipsed Estate

New Galleries

  • Eclipsed Estate Floor & Stair Gallery
  • Eclipsed Estate Wall & Roof Gallery
  • Eclipsed Estate Prop Gallery A
  • Eclipsed Estate Prop Gallery B

Updated Character Device

The Character device has been upgraded with the Enable Character Collision option to determine whether players can collide with the device or not.

New Verse - Prop Hunt Project Template for UEFN

This is a Verse starter project for a Prop Hunt game. Players attempt to hide using the Prop-O-Matic device to disguise themselves. Disguised players must move occasionally, or a heartbeat will give away their position. Hunters attempt to find and eliminate hidden players. Disguised players that are eliminated will respawn as hunters. Players score points for every second they are hidden. Hunters score points for eliminating players, and the points awarded increase as there are fewer hidden players.

Custom Lobby Backgrounds Are Live

Starting this release, custom lobby backgrounds for your islands are fully available! You can use the new Photo Capture Mode to take photos of your island and use them for your custom lobby backgrounds. You can also use third-party tools to make your background image. Once you have your photo, simply upload it into the Creator Portal.

Get Playtesters for Your Islands

You can now add playtesters to your island projects. Playtesters help you ensure island quality before publishing. Quality control is part of a project release schedule, and a good practice for serious island creators.

Source: Epic Games

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