Patch Notes for Fortnite Battle Royale v29.01 - Rise of Midas

In Battle Royale’s Rise of Midas, help Midas flee the Island with special Quests and feel the midsummer heat in the returning Floor is Lava experience.

Floor is Lava Returns

All that’s glittering hot is gold. During Rise of Midas, Midas presents a golden twist on a fan favorite limited-time experience! Floor is Lava is back for all of Rise of Midas, so jump in and get the high ground to best the lava overtaking the Island. Unlike regular Floor is Lava, Midas Presents: Floor is Lava features items from Chapter 5 Season 2… plus golden lava!

Chains of Hades

Can’t get over The Underworld? The Chains of Hades Olympian Power is here at last! Imbued with the energy of The Underworld, pull faraway enemies into range of its devastating attack combo. This Mythic power can be found from the ground or Chests, or by defeating Hades if you can handle it.

Shield Bubble Jr.

Protect yourself from projectiles and explosives with the Shield Bubble Jr., a mini version of the classic Shield Bubble. You can find a Jr. from the ground or Chests.

Like its bubbly predecessor, the Shield Bubble Jr. will cover you for a limited duration. It’s not without its vulnerabilities though: players can still run inside and it has a destroyable emitter. Don’t let others burst your bubble!

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue allowing players to throw the Thunderbolt of Zeus through structures.
  • Fixed an issue where players may have been able to shoot through player-built structures with the Gatekeeper Shotgun.
  • Fixed an issue where players may have been able to fly with the Wings of Icarus indefinitely.
  • Not a Battle Royale bug, but we also fixed a visual issue where players couldn’t see their earned XP from creator-made islands until returning to the Lobby.

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