Patch Notes for Save the World v24.30

The Fortnite v24.30 update introduces Survive the Horde in Save the World! Defend your bases from waves of enemies and earn rewards in the process. Also, v24.30 brings back the Brawl of the Wild questline. When you’re not dealing with waves of enemies, deal with the outbreak of wildlife. Learn more about v24.30 in Save the World below!

Survive the Horde

Riggs is sending you to a mining expedition to gather supplies, but this mining expedition is overrun by the Storm… While traversing the volcanic island, survive grueling waves of husks and defend your resource bases. How long can you Survive the Horde?
This new mode is coming to Save the World on May 2 and will be available until the end of the Scurvy Shoals Venture season (June 21, 2023, at 8 PM ET).

New Map

In Survive the Horde, you’ll be well beyond the Storm Shield — at an old mining operation on a volcanic island.
The approaching Storm has split the island asunder, and you’ll have to navigate across deep fissures full of lava as you traverse the island. You’ll be defending three resource bases on the island — the Mine, Cavern, and Depot — with limited time to rush between them during breaks in the waves of enemies. Investing some resources in bridging these chasms will certainly be worthwhile!

Gather Supplies

The Storm is closing in fast, so there’s no time to harvest. Breaking down objects with your Pickaxe won’t yield any resources, which means you’ll be reliant on the Supply Drops that appear between each enemy wave. These Supply Drops will deliver your weapons, ammo, and ingredients. Can you survive on these limited supplies alone? It’s time to find out.

Build and Craft

Build a fort, surround it with traps, and craft weapons to defend each of the three resource bases. If one of the resource bases is taken down, you’ll receive fewer Supply Drops, and if all three are lost, then the expedition will cease! Use your resources and the time between waves wisely.

Defeat the Horde

Survive 15 waves of increasingly tougher enemies. Look out for Horde Waves where a strong enemy type will show up en masse, and for gameplay modifiers that can appear during a wave to mix things up! If you’re reduced to 0 Health, your allies will only have a short amount of time to get you back up and into fray, and if your entire team goes down, the expedition will fail.

Quests and Rewards

There’s a set of Horde Quests for you to complete, including Daily Quests that reward Battle Pass XP and Quests that reward Banner Icons and Sprays! There’s also two Challenge Quests for Survive the Horde, which add difficult gameplay modifiers… but grant extra cosmetic rewards and Battle Pass XP upon completion.

Challenge Week 1 - Hasty Husks

Damaging and eliminating enemies will just make the Horde move in more quickly! Even worse, if they get close enough to start damaging you, they’ll start healing themselves. Focus fire to try to take them out quickly (and preferably at a distance!).

Challenge Week 2 - Melee Mayhem

Ranged weapons and ammo from Supply Drops are limited, and any ranged attacks made against Husks will ricochet off and also damage you. But on the bright side, your Trap damage and melee attack speed will be boosted, so put away those guns, craft some extra Traps, and start swinging!

Brawl of the Wild Returns - May 3 at 8 PM ET

From May 3 at 8 PM ET to May 31 at 8 PM ET, the Homebase crew will once again need your help dealing with a wildlife outbreak! In the returning Brawl of the Wild questline, do whatever it takes to defeat the creatures, whether that means hunting them, taming them, or even electronically communicating with them. Completing this questline will reward you with the Hero Gia!


  • Standard Perk: Vital Bond (Tamed wildlife heals the player for 15% their damage, on attack)
  • Commander Perk: Vital Bond+ (Tamed wildlife heals the player for 30% times their damage, on attack. Also, when Heroes deal damage, they’ll heal their tamed wildlife for 15% their damage)

Event and Weekly Store

The Powder Keg - May 3 at 8 PM ET

Don’t let the Husks mess with ye plunder — drop the Powder Keg on them with this loaded Bow. This weapon fires a keg arrow that explodes after 2 seconds.

Buccaneer Ramirez - May 10 at 8 PM ET

  • Standard Perk: Hand Cannons
  • Every 10 Lefty and Righty shots spawn a Cannon Ball, dealing 51 base Physical damage.
  • Commander Perk: Hand Cannons+
  • Every 5 Lefty and Righty shots spawn a Cannon Ball, dealing 51 base Physical damage.

Bug Fixes

Save the World bug fixes that were included in the Fortnite v24.30 update:

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to bring over previous venture weapons to the new Venture Season.
  • Fixed an issue where the Husks would ignore the shelter in Evacuate the Shelter Missions

In other news, 20 new Outfits have been leaked in the v24.30 update. Click here to read more.

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