Patch Notes for Save the World v25.00

In Fortnite v25.00, Survive the Horde mode in Save the World continues with its final two Challenge Weeks. (Survive the Horde will be available in Save the World until the end of the Scurvy Shoals Venture Season, June 21, 2023, at 8 PM ET.) v25.00 also brings Event and Weekly Store items!

Survive The Horde - Final Challenge Weeks

v25.00 contains the final to survive the Horde Challenge Weeks. Upon completion, Challenge Weeks grant extra cosmetic rewards and Battle Royale Battle Pass XP!


The Horde has become unstoppable, ignoring all crowd control effects. Try and avoid their attacks as they now leave a lingering damage effect when they successfully hit you! To help you out, your Sniper, Assault Rifle, SMG, Shotgun, and Pistol damage have been increased, and Traps have become more lethal. Use your newfound power to keep the Horde at bay!


The waves of enemies are coming faster than ever. This means you’ll have less time to build and gather Supply Drops. But don’t let intimidation slow you down — move fast and get things done in this race against time to Survive the Horde.

Event and Weekly Store

Diecast Jonesy - June 7 at 8 PM ET

  • Standard Perk: Boomstick!
  • Increases Goin' Commando Damage by 25%.
  • Commander Perk: Boomstick!+
  • Increases Goin' Commando Damage by 50% and changes Damage type to Energy.

Chromium Ramirez - June 7 at 8 PM ET

  • Standard Perk: In A Pinch
  • Reloading a weapon with an empty magazine regenerates 13.5% of your Shield over 3 seconds.
  • Commander Perk: In A Pinch+
  • Reloading a weapon with an empty magazine regenerates 13.5% of your Shield over 3 seconds, and is 50%faster than reloading a weapon with a non-empty magazine.

The Bowler - June 14 at 8 PM ET

Show the Husks no quarter! The Bowler fires long-range cannon balls that damage and knocks back groups of enemies in a line.

Bug Fixes

A number of Save the World bug fixes were included in the Fortnite v25.00 update, including:

  • Fixed an issue in the tutorial that could block progression if the player destroyed the Grenade target with a regular weapon.
  • Added Adhesive Resin so that an appropriate amount of Rockets can be crafted in Survive the Horde.

Click here to read the Patch Notes for Battle Royale's v25.00 update.

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