Rare Outfit, Wrap Return to Item Shop After 1,548 Days

Two of Fortnite's rarest cosmetics have unexpectedly returned to the Item Shop after a total of 1,548 days, leaving players wondering what will return next.

The Vector Outfit and Swamp Scale Wrap have both returned to the shop following an absence of over 500 days each.

The Swamp Scale Wrap

Vector was the 8th rarest Outfit from the Item Shop, as listed in our Rarest Shop Outfits recap for February 2022.

The Vector Outfit

The return of the cosmetics follows that of the Cliffhanger Pickaxe and Freemix Emote, which both returned yesterday after 760 and 363 days.

The Cliffhanger Pickaxe and Freemix Emote

The updated list of rarest shop Outfits is as follows:

  1. Rogue Agent
  2. Special Forces
  3. Reflex
  4. Black Widow Outfit
  5. World Warrior
  6. Infiltrator
  7. Sledge
  8. Munitions Major
  9. Sureshot
  10. Knockout
The Rogue Agent Outfit

The full Item Shop for April 16th, 2022 can be viewed here.

In other news, the 'Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War' comic rewards have been revealed.

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