Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War Comic Rewards Revealed

Marvel has announced which Fortnite cosmetics will be available with the purchase of the new Zero War comic mini-series, revealing that an additional 'Bonus Outfit' will also be rewarded to those who collect all five issues.

  • Issue #1 - Marvel Outfit [A]
  • Issue #2 - Marvel Wrap
  • Issue #3 - Marvel Pickaxe
  • Issue #4 - Marvel Spray
  • Issue #5 - Marvel Loading Screen
  • Bonus Reward - Marvel Outfit [B]

Issue one of the limited series will be available in June 2022, with the second comic available in the following month.

A cover for the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comic, Issue #2

Similarly to last year's Fortnite x DC mini-series, all rewards, including the bonus Outfit, will be available for players who don't purchase the comics through the in-game Item Shop at a later date.

Source: Marvel

In other news, an inside source at Epic Games has confirmed Indiana Jones is coming to Fortnite in Season 3.

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