Reboot Van coming to Fortnite with Patch v8.30 next week

Epic has just announced in a new Dev Update video that the previously leaked Reboot van will be coming to Fortnite with Patch v8.30 next week. Here's the clip:

If you aren't able to watch right now, the details are as follows:

  • Allows you to bring back dead teammates by grabbing their dropped reboot card which can be reactivated at a van
  • Introduced to major points of interest across the map
  • Once activated, a very obvious audio and visual cue will be given to nearby players, indicating that a reboot is taking place
  • Squad members will appear one by one on top of the van
  • Reboot vans have a cooldown after bringing players back
  • Items are not given upon respawn, you'll have to loot again

Patch v8.30 will drop next week, expected on either this coming Tuesday or Wednesday. We'll update this post if any additional information is released.