Season 6 will bring custom bindings for controllers

Epic has released a post over on Reddit to talk about Season 6's upcoming custom controller bindings. As of tomorrow with Patch v6.0, players will be able to completely customise what each button on their controller does.

A new 'Custom' option will be added to existing controller configurations, allowing you to map everything individually. Here's how it looks:

Once you choose the 'Custom' configuration, you'll be able to click on a button to decide from a list of actions:

"Mode selection (Combat, Build) has changed to selectable by triggers. When you’re in a mode, the actions for that mode and actions that span between modes will show in the actions list to select from.

The idea here is to make a system that is easy to use and can be built upon with more functionality in later releases, if needed."

Epic are open to feedback with regards to how the system is used or any new control options, let them know on the Reddit thread.

SOURCE: Epic Games