Singularity Outfit - All Unlockable Style Mask Locations

After acquiring 90 Fortbytes in Season 9 of Fortnite, players will unlock the Utopia Myster Outfit "Singularity". This outfit has two additional styles that are accessible by acquiring more Fortbytes (95 Fortbytes for Stage 2 & 100 Fortbytes for Stage 3). You can view the default style of the outfit below.

Default Style & Color
Default Color & Upgrade Style
Default Color & Upgrade + Helmet Style

Alongside the style unlocks, players can find masks hidden around the Battle Royale map that will grant a new color option for Singularity. These different color options are inspired by different outfits in Fortnite such as Drift, Cuddle Team Leader, Beef Boss, Rex, and Tomato Head. The locations for each mask can be found below.

Cuddle Team Leader Mask

Cuddle Color & Default Style
Cuddle Color & Upgrade Style
Cuddle Color & Upgrade + Helmet Style

Rex Mask

Rex Color & Default Style
Rex Color & Upgrade Style
Rex Color & Upgrade + Helmet Style

Drift Mask

Drift Color & Default Style
Drift Color & Upgrade Style
Drift Color & Upgrade + Helmet Style

Durrr-Burger Mask

Durr Color & Default Style
Durr Color & Upgrade Style
Durr Color & Upgrade + Helmet Style

Tomato Head Mask

Pizza Color & Default Style
Pizza Color & Upgrade Style
Pizza Color & Upgrade + Helmet Style