Storm Familiars Bundle Leaked in v24.00

A new 'Storm Familiars' Bundle has been discovered in the files following Fortnite's Chapter 4 Season 2 update last week.

The new Bundle contains six cosmetics from the existing Storm Familiars set. Players who purchase the Bundle will receive the following cosmetics:

  • Nara Outfit
  • Taro Outfit
  • Trusty Tusks Back Bling
  • White Fang Back bling
  • Gatekeeper Pickaxe
  • Flying Carp Glider

As of today, the Outfits, Pickaxe and Back Blings have not been seen in the Item Shop for over 600 days. Purchasing all of the set's items currently costs 4,300 V-Bucks, so the Bundle will be priced anywhere below that. Players who already own items from the set will receive a discount relative to the value of each owned cosmetic.

The Bundle has a placeholder name in the files, so it cannot be sold until a new Fortnite update is released. With the next patch expected to be released on March 21st, it won't be long before the set returns to the shop.

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