Streamers Announce 'Project V' UEFN Battle Royale for 2024

Fortnite's biggest content creators have teamed up to announce 'Project V', a new Battle Royale game created in UEFN.

The project will be built by Super Joy Studios, a Creative team founded by SypherPK. Sypher's team will create the new Battle Royale in collaboration with Ninja, Nickmercs, CouRage and TimtheTatman using UEFN. In a statement about the game on the Super Joy website, the creators revealed their ambitions for Project V. "With the launch of Unreal Editor for Fortnite in March 2023, it sparked inspiration in all of us. Immediately, we huddled together to brainstorm and all came to the same conclusion: let's create our own Battle Royale with the power of UEFN".

The streamers, who have a combined audience of over 140 million people, say they've "played every BR on the market" since 2016, which has given them insight into what makes a great Battle Royale. The team has emphasised that feedback from players will be a core part of the game's future, saying, "Project V will be a game that puts community feedback and features front and center. We believe that our players should have a say in shaping the game they play".

According to the studio's socials, Project V is set to release in 2024.

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