64 Upcoming Outfits Revealed in new Survey

Epic Games has sent out a new survey to some players, revealing the early concept designs of 64 upcoming Outfits.

Image via @FortniteDotGG

Remixed Outfits

New versions of the Ageless, Midas and Luxe Outfits are all featured in the survey:

The original Ageless Outfit (right) with the new concept
The original Midas Outfit (right) with the new concept
The original Luxe Outfit (right) with the new concept

Updated Concepts

A number of older concepts that appeared in previous surveys have been updated:

The original concepts (left) with the new versions [image via @FNAssist]

Chapter 5 Battle Passes

As was the case with December's survey leak, it's likely that a number of upcoming Battle Pass characters are featured in the latest survey, including some for as late as Chapter 5 Season 3.

The Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass Outfits were revealed in December 2021

We'll keep you updated if more survey concepts are revealed.

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