Avian Ambush Quests available now

As Chapter 3 comes to an end, Fortnite has released a new set of in-game Quests for players to complete to earn extra XP and Levels.

Avian Ambush Quests

  • Catch a chicken in different matches (3)
  • Deal damage with a chicken peck (1)
  • Fall 4 stories while holding a chicken (1)
  • Hunt Glowing Loot Chickens (20)
  • Return a chicken to a pen (1)
  • Throw Chickens (10)
  • Travel while holding a chicken (300)
  • Use a D-Launcher while holding a chicken (1)
  • Deal damage to chickens (200)
  • Slide for 30 metres continuously while holding a chicken (1)

Avian Ambush Bonus Goals

  • Complete 3 Avian Ambush Quests
    Rewards 40,000 XP
  • Complete 5 Avian Ambush Quests
    Rewards 1 Level
  • Complete 7 Avian Ambush Quests
    Rewards 1 Level

The Avian Ambush Quests and Bonus Goals will remain available until 9 AM ET on November 29, 2022.

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