Chapter 4 Season 2: Week 10 Quests Available Now

Week 10 of Chapter 4 Season 2 has officially begun and a new set of Quests are now available to complete.

Week 10 Quests

  • Put up 'Where's Miles?' postsers (3)
  • Collect Bars at Brutal Bastion, Frenxy Fields or The Citadel (50)
  • Eliminate a player before the first storm phase begins (1)
  • Survive to top 50 without an elimination (1)
  • Pick up and hold 5 items of different rarity (1)

Unlike the Weekly Quests of previous seasons, players will be rewarded with just 12,000 XP for each completed challenge, and 24,000 for picking up 5 items of different rarity. Adding to this, there are no Bonus Goals this season, meaning players can only earn 72,000 XP each week through the seasonal Quests.

The Week 10 Quests will remain available until the end of Season 2.

In other news, Epic Games has responded to a fake CEO comment claiming Travis Scott "won't be coming back" to Fortnite. Click here to read more.

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