Epic Games Responds to Fake CEO Comment Claiming Travis Scott 'Won't Be Coming Back' to Fortnite

Epic Games has responded to a comment made by a fake Tim Sweeney account that claimed Travis Scott "won't be coming back" to the Fortnite Item Shop.

During the official 'Creating in Fortnite' livestream, when a viewer inquired Travis Scott returning to the Item Shop, someone posing as Sweeney replied, saying, "It won't be coming back". The fake user was later turned into a moderator by Epic during the livestream, leading many to believe the account, and therefore the comment, was real.

In a response from the official @FortniteGame account on Twitter, Epic said, "These comments were made from a fake account and we are working with YouTube to get it taken down. We don’t share future plans when it comes to the Item Shop".

Since joining the Fortnite Icon Series in 2020, Travis Scott has become one of the most popular Outfits in the game, surpassing Renegade Raider and John Wick in Item Reminders on fnbr.co. The set was only available in the Item Shop for six rotations and has not returned for over 1,000 days.

Since the comment about Travis was fake, it remains unknown if he will ever appear in the Item Shop again. We'll keep you updated.

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