Complete free Awaken Oro challenges for a wrap, pickaxe and 400k XP

King Oro has awoken from his slumber and brought a number of free challenges to complete for a new wrap, harvesting tool and 400,000 Season XP. Available now from the Challenge Table, the Awaken Oro challenges are as follows:

  • Assist teammates with eliminations (10)
  • Play a game with a friend (10)
  • Deal damage to opponents (1,000)
  • Collect medals (40)

Each of these will grant 100,000 Season XP, for a total of 400,000. Upon completing two and four challenges respectively, you'll be rewarded with the Greed wrap and Gilded Scepter harvesting tool, as pictured below.

Greed wrap (Uncommon)
Gilded Scepter harvesting tool (Rare)

According to the in-game timer, you have 6 days to complete these challenges which should be plenty based on their difficulty, have fun!

Note: If you haven't noticed yet, the Item Shop has refreshed and Oro is now available to purchase for 2,000 V-Bucks.