Feeding Frenzy Bundle Leaked in v25.11

A new 'Feeding Frenzy' Bundle has been discovered in the files following Fortnite's v25.11 update earlier this week.

The new Bundle includes seven cosmetics from the existing Feeding Frenzy set, and will give players the chance to collect everything for a discounted price:

  • Comfy Chomps Outfit
  • Cozy Chomps Outfit
  • Sharky Shawl Back Bling
  • Overbite Back Bling
  • Sharky Slappers Pickaxe
  • Sail Shark Glider
  • Sharky Wrap

Purchasing all of the set's items separately currently costs 4,700 V-Bucks, so the Bundle will be priced anywhere below that. Players who already own items from the set will receive a discount relative to the value of each owned cosmetic. The release date is currently unknown. We'll keep you updated.

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