Fortnite Accidentally Releases OG Season Early on Android

Epic Games has accidentally released the Fortnite 'OG' update early on Android devices, giving players access to the new Season.

Just 14 hours before official downtime was set to begin for the OG Season, players started to report that an update for the OG Season had been pushed to mobile. This was confirmed as more players reported the same 7GB update showing on their Android devices, which, when opened, launched 'Fortnite OG'.

Players did take screenshots of the updated mobile version, which has since been removed from Epic's Android launcher, confirming that yesterday's OG Pass leak was real. Since players who updated their devices to the OG Season early aren't on the same version as everyone else anymore, they can no longer enter matches.

Despite this, some did share images of the Week 1 Island thanks to the ability to view the map from the Lobby.

Fortnite's official OG Season launches for other platforms tomorrow at 3 AM EST.

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