Fortnite Chapter 5 to Launch in November

We're only two seasons into Chapter 4, but leaks are already claiming Chapter 5 is launching this year.

Data miner YLS-Dev shared some details about Chapter 5 on Twitter today, revealing that the current Chapter will end after Season 4. The leaker, who has previously been responsible for major leaks surrounding end-of-Chapter live events, says Chapter 5 has been in development since "last season", and is currently set to be released on November 30, 2023. If this date is correct, we can expect to see Chapter 4 Season 3 run until early September, and Season 4 to last from then until the end of November.

This is the first leak to claim Chapter 4 will end this year, but the information doesn't come as a surprise to many. Following Chapter 3's finale after 4 Seasons in December last year, most expected Fortnite to use an annual format for new Island releases to keep Battle Royale fresh and exciting.

Before the launch of Chapter 4 last year, Epic Games teased the end of Chapter 3 months before it happened. They're expected to do the same for November's launch. We'll keep you updated.

How do you feel about Chapter 4 ending after just 4 Seasons? React below!

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