Fortnite Disables The Show Your Style Set from Competitive Modes

Fortnite has disabled the entire 'Show Your Style' Set, including Pickaxes and Back Blings, from competitive playlists due to an unknown issue. The removal comes only one month after the Season 2 Battle Pass Outfits were also disabled from competitive modes.

Although Fortnite didn't state a reason as to why the set was disabled, it's presumed that a visual glitch linked to a newly-released wrap is to blame. This set of cosmetics is unique as it allows players to "wear" their weapon wraps on the Outfits, Back Blings and Pickaxes.

Epic says they will provide an update for when the items are re-enabled, suggesting that this could happen before the release of next week's v19.40 update.

We'll keep you updated when Epic re-enables the cosmetics.

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