Fortnite Festival Season 2: Pass, Jam Tracks Revealed

Epic Games has officially revealed the upcoming Season 2 Pass for Fortnite's Festival mode.

Just like for Season 1, players will be able to level up their Festival pass and unlock free rewards. Purchasing the Premium Track will grant double the rewards upon each tier being reached.

Completing Festival Quests will earn you Festival Points that increase your Pass level. The Free Track features a 'Woodworker' Drum set as the max reward, with the Premium Track granting the 'Enigmatic Gaga' Outfit.

Free Reward Track

Free Jam Tracks:

  • 8-Bit Beat
  • Bloom
  • Best Buds

“8-Bit Beat” and “Best Buds” existed previously in Fortnite as Lobby Tracks. Players who already had them in their Locker before Fortnite Festival Season 2 will receive a one-time V-Bucks refund for each one, equivalent to the amount they paid for it. They’ll also be granted the Jam Track version!

More Free Rewards:

  • Backbeat Bow Emote
  • Pop Off Aura
  • Strap Spin Emote

Premium Reward Track

For 1,800 V-Bucks, purchase the Premium Reward Track and earn double the rewards, including Gaga-themed cosmetics. Purchasing the Premium Track instantly grants the 'Glitch Groove' Aura.

The final reward of the Premium Reward Track is the Enigmatic Gaga Outfit! This Outfit features an iconic Lady Gaga ensemble from her Chromatica Ball stadium tour, including a purple bodysuit designed by celebrity designer Nange Magro of Dead Lotus Couture.

This isn’t the only Gaga energy coming to Fortnite Festival. Get ready to fight for Chromatica with the Chromatica Guitar! And if you want your bandmates to all just dance, unlock the Chromatica Keytar.

Premium Jam Tracks:

  • Nelly ft. City Spud - “Ride Wit Me”
  • Soundgarden - “Black Hole Sun”
  • Topic w/ A7S - “Breaking Me”
  • Lady Gaga - “Poker Face”

More Premium Rewards:

  • Aurora Aura
  • The Gaga Collection Loading Screen
  • Kindness Punk Emote
  • Electric Sine Back Bling

Season 2 of Fortnite Festival and the 'Unlock Your Talent' Pass will run from February 22 until April 22, 2024.

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