Fortnite is the Most Popular Video Game in the world, beating Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto

New research from Superdry has revealed that Epic Games' Fortnite is currently the most popular video game in the world, beating Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto for the number 1 spot.

Most popular games in the world

Superdry analysed Google data from 169 different countries over the last 12 months to discover which games are the most popular. Despite being released over four years ago, Fortnite is the top video game in 106 countries, including; the UK, USA and Australia - making it the most popular globally. Minecraft follows Fortnite by being the second most popular, featuring as the top game in 51 countries.

Most Popular Games as of 2021:

  1. Fortnite - 106 countries
  2. Minecraft - 51 countries
  3. Grand Theft Auto V - 2 countries
  4. Genshin Impact - 1 country
  5. Valorant - 1 country
Most popular games in Europe
Most popular games in North America
Most popular games in South America
Most popular games in Oceania
Most popular games in Asia
Most popular games in Africa

Considering the fact that the data was collected before the release of Fortnite's Chapter 3 update, it's safe to say that the game will continue to be the most popular in the world for years to come.

Source: Superdry

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