Fortnite leaks next Item Shop, all Winterfest Items to return tomorrow

For an unknown reason, Epic has pushed back the release of all Winterfest Items in the shop.

For the third time during the current Winterfest event, Fortnite has leaked the next Item Shop through a social media post.

The post, which was shared to the official @fortniteme Instagram account, claims that all Winterfest Outfits are now available in the Item Shop. Following the pattern with the two previous Item Shop leaks, the Outfits will all most likely be available in tomorrow's shop instead.

Direct translation from the Arabic description:
"It's a winter miracle! All your favourite winter-inspired outfits are in store for a while. Get them before it's too late ☃️"

Only four days ago, another Item Shop post was shared early, claiming the Goalbound Set had returned. The cosmetics actually returned to the shop one day later.

As of today, it's only been six days since the Winterfest cosmetics were removed from the Item Shop. We'll let you know when they officially return.

In other news, the January 2022 Crew Pack is now available. Click here to read.

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