Fortnite OG: New Starter Pack Leaked

The upcoming Starter Pack for Fortnite's OG Season has been leaked.

The new 'Heartbreak Royale' set contains the 'Heartbreak Ranger' Outfit, 'Heartbreak Club' Pickaxe and 'Magmacore Sheath' Back Bling. As is the case with all cosmetic leaks, it's possible that the pack could be changed before being released in-game.

With the 'OG' Season following a different schedule to Fortnite's typical Battle Royale Seasons, it's currently unknown when we should expect to see the new Pack available in the Item Shop. It could be held back until Chapter 5 launches in December, or it could arrive next week. Either way, it will replace the existing 'Extinction Code' set once it does release.

The current 'Extinction Code' Starter Pack

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