Fortnite Patch v25.20: What to Expect

Downtime for the third major update of Season 3 has been announced for July 26, 2023. Here's an early look at the Patch Notes for v25.20.

Fortnite x Futurama

Announced earlier today, Fortnite's Futurama collaboration will be introduced with the v25.20 update. The official update trailer goes live at 5AM ET on YouTube, and is expected to reveal new cosmetics and items.

Kinetic Boomerang Returns

Originally vaulted four weeks ago, the Kinetic Boomerang is expected to return with tomorrow's v25.20 update. The item was meant to remain in the loot pool for the entirety of Season 3, but was temporarily removed due to an issue.

New: Lever Pistol

Seen in the Chapter 4 Season 3 gameplay trailer, the new Level Pistol is expected to be introduced in v25.20. It will deal hard-hitting shots at a slow rate of fire, and should be similar to the existing Hand Cannon and Revolver weapons.

New Reality Augments

Like most Chapter 4 updates, v25.20 is also expected to introduce a new collection of Reality Augments to the game.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs are confirmed to be fixed in tomorrow's patch, according to the official Fortnite Trello page.

Locker Issues

  • Multiple Outfits may appear shiny/glossy
  • Meow Skulls is missing her tail
  • Sound effects missing from the Maxx Axe Pickaxe
  • Scrolling past the Mjolnir's Flight Glider in the Locker may cause Fortnite to crash

Ranked Battle Royale Issues

  • Players may not be given full weapon damage credit for some Ranked Quests

Save the World Issues

  • Hero Loadout Rows may appear invisible
  • Players man experience lag when using specific projectile traps

As always, we'll be sharing the official Patch Notes for v25.20 once they go live.

In other news, Fortnite has revealed the free FNCS Drops for Major 3. Click here to read more.

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